Chris Tang
Chris Tang

Chris Tang

Tax Preparer

Chris Tang is a Tax Preparer at ATA CPA Group LLC with extensive international experience.

Professional Background

Chris is responsible for preparing tax returns for different types of businesses, including maintaining records, reconciling transactions, and making necessary adjustments. Additionally, Chris handles tasks related to payroll and sales tax processing and filing. She specializes in serving various industries, such as wholesale, retail, restaurants, real estate, and consulting firms.

Education and Associations

Chris holds a Masters of Business Administration from Campbell University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan. Her education equips her to effectively help people of different cultures.

Personal Background

Apart from work, Chris enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, as well as cooking and gardening. She’s also involved in community service, volunteering at the Potrero Hill Community Garden and the SPCA SF. These hobbies and volunteer activities show her interest in staying active and helping out in his community. Chris’s combination of professional skills, educational background, and personal interests makes her a well-rounded individual both at her job and outside of it.