Jeffrey Lim
Jeffrey Lim

Jeffrey Lim

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Jeffrey Lim, EA, is a Shareholder at ATA CPA Group and an Enrolled Agent, known for his skills and experience.

Professional Background

With an extensive background in tax, audit, and IT, Jeffrey has been an invaluable asset to the firm for over ten years. His expertise and dedication have played a significant role in helping the firm adapt to new technology and software, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in our services.

Education and Associations

Jeffrey has a Bachelors degree from Kean University, where he gained a strong foundation in his field of expertise. His educational background combined with his years of practical experience make him a reliable and trusted professional in the industry.

Personal Background

In his spare time, Jeffrey enjoys traveling, hiking, and photography. His ability to balance a demanding professional role with personal interests highlights his well-rounded character. Jeffrey’s blend of technical expertise, academic background, and personal pursuits makes him a valuable member of ATA CPA Group and an example of a professional who successfully balances work and life.